fundamental LA

Oh God.

Post-Thanksgiving separation anxiety.

The struggle is real, and it is painful.

Since I opted out of hosting the big day (duh) and was too full of sweet potatoes/wine to ask for a leftovers goodie bag, I unintentionally set us up for the worst post-Thanksgiving weekend menu ever – meaning, no leftover turkey sandwiches. Just when I thought I needed to pack it in and start hunting for a solo apartment, I remembered these guys…

Wrong, fundamental LAI’m thankful for you. And your perfect day-after-Thanksgiving lunch menu.

You could’ve probably guessed this wasn’t my first lunch here. Probably lunch #5 or 6. It’s right by my office and has an A+ lineup of sandwiches, oversized salads, and seasonal (and sometimes, weird) sides that are pretty much what I crave everyday around 1 pm. I like it’s low-key interior (bare white walls, Edison lighting, church pew-esque seating) and option to sit at the counter and watch the cooks do their thing.

To top it off, they just started offering Power Lunch Fridays: a sandwich, beer, chips, and cookie for $13. I mean… WHERE ELSE IN LOS ANGELES DOES THIS HAPPEN? 

I think the staff immediately recognized our Thanksgiving separation issues when Ryan excitedly ordered a slow cooked turkey sandwich. And, yes, you’d think a normal person would be in the market for any non-turkey meat by now… chicken, steak, pork… anything to avoid another tryptophan coma. Nope. Not Ryan. He wanted turkey, and this time he wanted it with apricot jalapeno jam.

fundamental LA1

slow cooked turkey breast sandwich

But who can blame him? Thanksgiving is the only holiday of the year for Gentiles that demands us to overeat, overdrink, and binge on football. No American in his/her right mind would want to wait another 364 days for this most sacred and happiest of holidays.

Making our desperation more obvious, I ordered a side of brussel sprouts before even looking at entree options. And even though they were pretty salty and not as cranberry-flavored as the day before, beggers can’t be choosers. I was not willing to say goodbye yet… not ready to face Trader Joe’s once again devoid of mini pumpkin pies and limited edition Turkey Gobbler Wraps.

fundamental LA2

brussel sprouts w/ tom yum glaze

I know I said I wouldn’t post a picture or even talk about a boring chicken salad, but this is a roast chicken salad. Roasted chicken sounds (and tastes) a lot like turkey which is 100% not boring. Combined with it’s champagne vinaigrette plus the brussel sprouts, I was instantly reunited with my favorite Thanksgiving staples.

fundamental LA3

roast chicken salad

My peeps: urge your dining date to order either the turkey sandwich or the chicken torta (top seller) then take him/her up on an inevitable offer to try it. Do your best to avoid the dairy additions (lemon aioli for the turkey, crema and cotija for the torta) then take an invasive, inappropriately-large bite.

If you’re not into sharing (what is wrong with you?), you can and should try fundamental LA‘s other dairy-free sandwich options: albacore tuna conserva, vegetable wrap, and braised portobello (order the miso tahini on the side for this one). Pair whatever you decide on with a side of the spicy soba noodles. If you don’t eat carbs (again, what is wrong with you?), get the maple glazed salmon salad sans goat cheese.

I guess it only makes sense that I finish up this post at 1 pm. Who wants a sandwich?

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