M.B. Post

“This biscuit is made with herbs and amazingness and heaven. All whipped together.”

Last Thursday night I made my best decision of the entire week: I made a reservation for M.B. Post. How I got one for a normal dinner time (who actually plans to eat dinner after 10:30pm?) for the following night is between God and OpenTable. Since I was already planning to head down to Manhattan Beach on Friday to meet a girlfriend for dinner, my lucky reso break seemed more like divine intervention.

I’m no stranger to M.B. I’ve been a couple of times. It’s one of those places you originally designate as a “we-need-to-be-celebrating-something-to-go-there” spot then you go once and immediately decide you need to start celebrating more. However, every time I go, I knowingly put myself through the same emotional rollercoaster: 1) excitement, for being there; 2) joy, for that first sip of your drink; 3) intense jealousy (see below); and 4) gratification, for so many reasons. It never fails.

So the intense jealousy… If you’re lactose intolerant, M.B. Post can make you try to talk yourself out of your allergy. How? Four words: BACON CHEDDAR BUTTERMILK BISCUITS. These beauties might actually be the highest-rated anything on Yelp. They’re buttery and bacony and cheesy and everything I am not. Not that I haven’t tried one before. I have. You have to. Even you, you lactose-plagued. You have to at least once (just a bite!), or I promise you, you won’t go to bed happy with yourself.

bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits + assorted pickles

Back to that divine intervention. MB Post‘s is served in two liquid forms: their Mo-Pho-Jito (have fun trying to pronounce that one) and their wine list. I know I said I usually go for a signature cocktail, but O.M.G. their wine lost. I have dreams about their wine list. And I’m by no means a wine snob. Montes is their house Pinot, and it is ahhhmazing. But I do recommend trying a glass (or bottle) of whatever your waiter suggests… these waiters know their grapes. If you’re down to splurge, the Mondeard-Mugnert is a Pinot from Burgundy and is worth every cent of the hefty $23 per glass price tag. I don’t recommend chugging wine ever but MAN this stuff will test your ability to pace yourself.

M.B. Post is a shared plate-style menu, and Chef LeFevre always sneaks seasonal stuff onto the menu. Since I would never make Lauren (my dinner date) deny herself some buttery/cheesy Friday night comfort, we ate mostly separate. She went with the biscuits (duh) and a seasonal creamy cajun shrimp skillet while I ordered the assorted pickles and the thai marinated shrimp ceviche. But because our waiter was a Godsend and offered to make sure the dish’s buttery sauce was served on the side, we got to split the seasonal diver scallops and boyyyyyy was it worth the added instruction.

MB Post5

creamy cajun shrimp & cabbage

thai marinated shrimp ceviche

MB Post7

seared diver scallops + shrooms

Some other dairy free things to try include the shrimp/chorizo/beluga lentil soup, steamed mussels in green curry, blistering blue lake green beans, and the fee fi fo fum fries (skip their mbp fry sauce and stick with ketchup). Another fan favorite is the roasted brussel sprouts… just make sure you order them without the emmental (cheese). Honestly, it’s all good. My advice is to figure out what looks the best to you then ask your waiter what he/she can do. But keep your expectations within reason… their house made cavatelli will never be your jam.

And one more tip: the menu is inside that cutesy personalized envelope they give you when you sit down. My first time eating there, I made the mistake of not opening it and asked my waiter what gave. Smooth.

psssstt…  the menu is inside

Website {at) http://eatmbpost.com/

Find M.B. Post {at} 1142 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Reservations {at} (310) 545-5405 or here

Open {at} Mon-Thurs: 5-10pm; Fri: 11:30am-10:30pm; Sat: 10am-10:30pm; Sun: 10am–10pm

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